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For his first full-length release since winning the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, multi-platinum artist Zedd decided to deliver an album that shows the complete extent of his musicality. A classically trained musician who began playing piano at age four and whose background spans from metal to electro-house, the Germany-bred musician born Anton Zaslavski explored everything from alt-rock to pop to soul to hip-hop to create an entirely new breed of electronic music. Both frenetic and graceful, intricately composed and raw with emotion, True Colors takes its title from the album’s showstopping centerpiece, a stunning and stripped-back epic inspired by Zedd’s “finally getting the courage to show the world who I really am as a musician.”

With True Colors’ lead single “I Want You to Know” (feat. Selena Gomez) having spent four weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, the follow-up to Zedd’s 2012 debut Clarity brings its central theme to life by connecting each song on the album with a specific color. “I hear color in all the music I write, and for this album I wanted to really focus in on that concept and take it to a new level,” says Zedd, who executive-produced True Colors and co-wrote each track. “Addicted to Memory” (feat. Bahari), for instance, opens True Colors with a hypnotic piece of electro-pop that Zedd sees in purple, the color of passion and mystery. The follow-up to “I Want You to Know” (a synth-laced and shimmering track co-written with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder), True Colors’ second single “Beautiful Now” (feat. Jon Bellion) unfolds as a sensual and summery anthem that Zedd perceives as “magenta, since that’s the color of youth and energy.”

While each track on True Colors is indeed a world unto itself, complete with gorgeously crafted textures and mesmerizing rhythms, the album also bears a classically melodic sensibility that hints at the simplicity of its origins. “For this album I wrote every song on piano, because I wanted the core of each one to have a timeless feel to it,” says Zedd. “After writing the first few songs I realized how different from each other they sounded, and from there I got inspired to bring in all these diverse genres and combine them in a way that I never had before.”

After signing with Interscope Records in 2012—the same year he found himself featured in the New York Times, who praised him as an EDM prodigy and noted that “his talent is extraordinary”—Zedd released Clarity and soon saw its title track shoot to No. 2 on Top 40 radio. Along with nabbing a Grammy Award, “Clarity” earned more than more than 126 million Vevo views, while its platinum follow-up hit “Stay The Night” (ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore) racked up more than 105 million Vevo views and won the 2014 MTV Clubland Video Music Award.

In creating True Colors, Zedd made a point of limiting his listening to artists from outside the realm of electronic music, such as Radiohead, Queen, and ‘60s/‘70s progressive rock band King Crimson. “I get a lot of inspiration from artists who work in genres whose rules are very different from my own genre,” he notes. “It really helps me break down the boundaries of what can be done with things like song structure and melody and rhythm.” Not only essential in expanding his creativity, that boundary-breaking ultimately serves a higher purpose for Zedd. “One of my goals in making this album was to bring the focus back to the music, not just production and sounds and the whole club element of whether it’s going to make people jump,” says Zedd. “It’s important to me to make something that’s complex and in-depth and that leads the culture into a new direction, and hopefully ends up pushing the barriers of what’s possible with EDM.”
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