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What is RockMyRun?

What is RockMyRun?

Good Question! RockMyRun is a smartphone app that provides the best running and workout music in the world. Our team of talented DJs have created thousands of mixes that increase enjoyment and performance during exercise. All of the music can then be personalized based on your steps per minute, heart rate or ideal cadence so that you always hear the right music at the right time at the right tempo. We hope you’ll join the millions of people who have swapped their playlist or standard streaming service for RockMyRun. Let’s banish boring workout music forever!

What does it mean to be a Run Rocker?

RunRockers are people who believe in the power of music to inspire, motivate and drive. These are the people for whom the right song at the right time can make them bob their head, sing out loud, pump their fist in the air, run faster, and run for longer because of how the music affects them. Taking the plunge by creating a free account on RockMyRun automatically makes you an amazing RunRocker!

Pricing, Memberships and Features

Is RockMyRun free?

RockMyRun is free as a Standard Member. You have the option to upgrade to a paid ROCKSTAR Membership, for uninterrupted listening and additional features.

I just signed up and my account says I’m a Rockstar member, but I didn’t pay for this. Am I going to be charged?

No, you won’t be charged! This is a free trial given to all new members so you can test out the benefits of Rockstar membership. When your trial ends, you will never be charged unless you choose to pay for continued access. If you do not, you will be automatically downgraded to standard membership at no cost.

How much does a ROCKSTAR Membership cost?

ROCKSTAR Memberships come in 3 lengths: monthly, quarterly and annual. A monthly ROCKSTAR Membership is $4.99/month. A quarterly ROCKSTAR Membership is $12.99/quarter. An annual ROCKSTAR Membership is $35.99/year. (equivalent to $2.99/month) **All memberships automatically renew unless otherwise cancelled.

What’s the difference between a Standard and ROCKSTAR Premium Membership?

Below is a nifty chart that explains what you get access to for both membership levels.

Always FREE All the great features of Standard membership, PLUS:
Seamless, DJ-curated music Save Data Mode
GPS tracking Listen With Low Connectivity
Apple Watch music control Preview tracks
Streaming 1,000's of workout stations Manually Adjust Tempo
Access to ratings and reviews Music Matched to Your Heartbeat / Steps
Advanced music discovery Unlimited Skips
Ads and interruptions Ad-Free Listening

What is Body Driven Music™?

Body Driven Music™ automatically personalizes the music to your body based on what you are experiencing. We currently have 3 modes of Body Driven Music™ available on the RockMyRun app.

  • STEPS: Matches the music to your steps in real time
  • SET BPM: Allows you to set the beats per minute (BPM) of the music to an exact, desired cadence
  • HEART: Matches the music to your heart rate

Body Driven Music™ is an exclusive feature of the RockMyRun ROCKSTAR Premium Membership package.

What happens if I cancel my ROCKSTAR Membership?

If you cancel your ROCKSTAR Premium Membership you will continue to be a ROCKSTAR Member until your current membership expires, after which you will not be charged again and your account will switch to a Standard Membership.

What is a workout station?

All RockMyRun mixes are organized into stations to help you continually discover music that will push you to your best! Stations are categorized by genres and tags that describe the type of music you’ll hear.

What happened to the mix descriptions?

We’ve replaced descriptions with easy to read, relevant tags like genre, mood and activity to help you get to the music more quickly. Let us know what you think by emailing

Where did the DJ listings go?

We've created a tag for each DJ. Each mix now has a tag indicating the DJ who created it.

The Music

What are the benefits of running with music?

Benefits of running with music can be broken down into two categories, scientific and emotional.

There are numerous scientific studies that show that music can have a positive effect on runners and people working out. For example, research1 shows that BPM-tailored music can:

  1. Increase your time to exhaustion up to 15% longer than normal
  2. Decrease your oxygen needs by 7% while exerting yourself
  3. Help you cover 2.1% more distance in the same amount of time
  4. Help you experience more positive feelings about the workout

From a non-scientific perspective, music is inherently emotional and passionate. As a result, listening to the right music can create emotional reactions in people. The right music can put you “in the mood”, make you sad, scared, nostalgic, happy or energized. We all have songs that when we hear them make us think of times in our life when we felt a certain way and can some times elicit a physical response (even if it’s just a head bob).

We feel that the ability of music to alter our physical, mental and emotional states can be harnessed to improve performance in physical activities such as running. After listening to a few mixes, we think you’ll feel the same way.

[1] “Effects of synchronous music on treadmill running among elite triathletes.” Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 15, 52-57. “Effects of music tempo upon submaximal cycling performance.”, Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2010 Aug;20(4):662-9

How are these mixes “made specifically for running and working out”?

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing various mixes with athletes of all different skill levels and experience. This user testing — along with the fact that we are all runners — helps us understand what someone goes through when training for a race or working out. Many people get bored, need motivation and need to keep their brain focused as they are cranking out the miles.

As a result we have constructed all of our mixes to, for the most part, conform to the following guidelines:

  • Balance of both mainstream and under-the-radar songs
  • DJ remixes of songs that you can’t hear anywhere else
  • Increasing intensity & energy of songs or the lyrics in the songs as a mix progresses to help keep your energy up as you fatigue
  • A new song every two minutes or so: Long enough to hear enough of a song that you like, short enough that if you don’t like the song it will be over soon :)
  • Interesting effects included in mixes like scratching, flange, echo’s, high-pass filters etc.
  • Frequent “build ups” (portions of the mix where the beat doubles up, then doubles up again and again and again)
  • Infrequent major “breakdowns” (portions of the mix without music or beat)

Is it important that the music be a certain BPM (beat per minute)?

Yes and no. For some people, they rely on the speed of the music to pace themselves. They get into a rhythm of running and timing their steps to the beat. While this is works for some, for others it can become a bit robotic and disregards the emotional effect that music can have. After all if were all about BPM we could just run to a metronome and be happy.

Our view is that BPM matters, but doesn’t matter as much as the meaningfulness of the song to the listener. You probably have songs on your current playlist that aren’t the “right BPM” for your stride, but that elicits a fond or powerful memory. Or perhaps, even though a song may be slower, the lyrics of the song are so powerful that they make your legs churn. We think that reaction is more important than just BPM.

None of these stations have music I like!

The funny thing about music is that everybody has different tastes! We work to try and accommodate all different preferences, but we can always do more! If you aren’t seeing something you like, let us know! Shoot us an email at as we'd love to hear what music rocks YOUR workouts.

I'm a kick-ass DJ. How can I bring my sound to Run Rockers everywhere?

So you've got skills? Nice! Shoot us a note at with your soundcloud/mixcrate/ page so we can see your skills at work. If it looks good, we'll give you access to be able to submit mixes into our system.

Website Support

How do I download music from RockMyRun?

You cannot download music from RockMyRun.

iPhone and Android Support

What can I do with the free RockMyRun iPhone and Android app?

You’ll love the RockMyRun App!:

  • Unlimited streaming (data charges may apply)
  • Discover new music while on the go
  • Set the music to an ideal cadence
  • Let the music automatically match your cadence or heart rate
  • Skip tracks you don't like
  • Share your experiences with mixes right within the app

Can I use this app on an iPod Touch?

Yes! But you will need to have an internet connection the whole time to use RockMyRun.

Can I play music when not connected to 3/4G or Wi-Fi?

No. RockMyRun is a streaming music service and so it requires data access to use the app.

Doesn't streaming music use a lot of data?

Not with RockMyRun! We know you're using RockMyRun while running or exercising so we've optimized the amount of data it uses. For a 1 hour workout it uses about 30MB of data.

Will the RockMyRun app play at the same time as RunKeeper/Endomondo/MapMyRun etc. is running?

Yes! You can play and stream RockMyRun while you use another app to track your runs.

I'm having trouble with the app. What do I do?

If you’re having issues with the app, send us a note at

General Account Support

I forgot my password—help!

If you forgot your password you can reset it by following the below directions:

  • Go to, click 'Login' and then 'Forgot Login?'
  • Check the 'Forgot Password' box and fill out the form to get a temporary password emailed to you
  • Login with this password and then click on 'My Account' in the upper right corner of the site.
  • Enter in a new password in the 'Password' and 'Verify Password' fields

How can I change my email address or username?

Right now, the only way to change those is to email us at

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